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Brittany Small
Teaching Style: The Visionary & The Entertainer - I definitely incorporate both styles. Adding in encouragement and high energy to push through the challenge but added in is my light hearted humour and fun playlist to get us dancing and laughing through. Hometown: From a beach town in Newcastle, Australia Before FlyBarre: I am a Yoga Teacher (200hr + Pre-Natal Certified), Personal Trainer, Usui Reiki Practitioner and from my younger years my background is classical ballet. At The Barre: Expect to push yourself beyond your own limitations - mentally and physically. Always working with the body and not against it, listening to the sensations in your mind and body during exercising and building stamina, pulsing all the way through. When I’m not Pulsing: I'm usually stretching and moving. You will find me at Urban Yoga either teaching Pre-Natal Yoga and Vinyasa or I'll be a student participating. Guilty Pleasure: I'm a big foodie, so really anything that is glutenous and carby I love! In moderation of course ;) Top Artists I’m Playing This Season: New mixes of old hits from MJ, Gloria Estefan and The Police.