Instructors / Zain Mahjoub

Zain Mahjoub

Hometown: Damascus

Before FlyBarre: There was FlyBarre – I was hooked from my first class. I’ve always led an active lifestyle, playing on team sports from a young age, but given the time constraints of our daily lives, I joined FlyBarre as a member. Barre was the perfect place to get in a challenging workout while also providing a space to disconnect from the noise of the outside world and connect with myself.

At the Barre: An upbeat playlist with one or two throwback tunes mixed in to get you through a creative sequence and challenging workout. I will motivate you to build strength, push harder (both mentally and physically), and enjoy the process all at the same time!

When I'm not pulsing: You’ll find me near art, at the beach, or with a book. I’m an art practitioner working with artists and curators and during my free time, I’ll be with friends and family, trying to get them to go to the beach (even when it’s hot!), or with the next book on my reading list.

Guilty Pleasure: Home Bakery’s chocolate melt cookies