Instructors / Becky Soltani

Becky Soltani

Becky has had a life long passion for health and fitness, and has been fortunate to have developed her career in the industry.She was raised in the UK, where her energy for sports developed at the early age of 5, when she began her practice of gymnastics, became a competitive swimmer, yoga instructor and karate Sensei, earning a 4th degree Black belt.

Becky is a qualified personal trainer, corrective exercise specialist and has a degree in sports and exercise science. She is also our lead master instructor for FlyBarre Dubai, where she both instructs classes for clients daily, and trains new instructors in the FlyBarre method.

Becky loves to inspire and motivate others to be active and fit. Her love of travel and her interest in different cultures brought her to Dubai 7 years ago, and she's never looked back since.

Becky splits her time between personal training clients and her schedule at FlyBarre, where she remains a passionate advocate of the athleticism, fun and power behind our method.