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Nuno Costa

In an effort to lose weight as a heavy-set teenager, Nuno began looking for a sport that would be fun, challenging and transformative. At the age of 15, he stumbled upon indoor cycling classes in his native Portugal, and has never looked back since.

After showing tremendous dedication and passion for fitness and indoor cycling (taking classes five times a week), he was approached to become an instructor at age 17, making him one of the youngest instructors in all of Portugal. He soon became more competitive athletically and participated in mountain bike and running races. He quickly became a dedicated triathlete, aiming for longer distances each time. He eventually did some half Ironman races and qualified for the Ironman 70.3 World Championship in 2012, where most of his training was done on indoor bikes.

Nuno discovered Flywheel when he moved to Dubai, and the TorqBoard immediately appealed to his results-oriented personality. He enjoyed measuring his progress through the stats and knowing how he was doing in class. He also loved how Flywheel combines his passions for cycling, music and technology. As a Flywheel instructor, he hopes to inspire, empower, and help his students unleash their inner athlete.