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Elan Habib
Elan became hooked on Flywheel from her first class and soon became a regular at the Dubai Studio under the Torqboard name "BigE Smalls". Flywheel combined everything Elan loved: an intense workout, high-energy music and the competitive nature of the Torqboard. Elan immediately knew she found her calling and after intense months of training, jumped on the instructor podium, ready and pumped to lead fellow Flywheelers on their ride. Elan's heart-felt passion, positive energy and bright smile fills her classes. But don't let that smile fool you! Behind it is a powerful and dedicated instructor who will push and motivate you through an intense 45 minutes of hill climbs and sprints. To Elan, music is everything. She designs her classes with her students in mind, obsessively putting together a symphony of powerful beats all with the intention of motivating each of you to work hard with every pedal stroke. It is this musical adrenaline that she uses to fuel her classes. So never feel shy to make special music requests! Elan's life-motto is "Your Health is Your Wealth". She also believes in the power of exercise as a means to connect your mind, body and spirit. You will always leave her classes in full sweat, feeling better than when you walked in, guaranteed!!!