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Hoda Sawan
Hoda Sawan was first introduced to Flywheel Dubai through a friend. She soon found herself a second home at the studios, becoming a frequent "flyer", and taking advantage of all the benefits each class had to offer. Weekly classes became daily classes and double daily classes... and the rest is history. Hoda’s always been passionate about cardio exercise and has participated in numerous races over the past years. She considers Flywheel to be an important step in her personal training for marathons and ironman competitions When not in the studio, Hoda loves traveling and experiencing different cultures through food and of course by meeting different people with whom she connects easily. Since her first class, Hoda loved how unique each class at Flywheel felt – dim the lights, turn the music up, it’s FLY time! She recognizes how contagious the energy of each instructor is, and although she teaches a high energy class, you’ll find calm and peace in Hoda’s smile and tone, and will leave class having eased away the stress of your day. ‎ Don't miss out on Hoda's classes!