Instructors / Hana Boosh

Hana Boosh

HOMETOWN:Portland, Oregon, USA

BEFORE FLYWHEEL: I was on a performance contemporary dance company in Portland, Oregon, while teaching at several studios around Portland.

IN THE STUDIO: Aside from the choreographed exercises to my music / playlists, I aim to help my Barre babes and Barre bros create a mind-body connection and level of awareness by giving technical forms and positions a 'pedestrian' reference; things we can relate to in the context of life.

WHEN I'M NOT TURNING UP THE TORQ: I'm probably eating breakfast or having a beverage or hanging out with my friends (+/- more beverages). During the week, I work for a wellness company, so my efforts are always put towards trying to help people live and feel better through fitness, health, and physical and mental well-being.

GUILTY PLEASURE: Mango sticky rice