Instructors / Hodis Kavian

Hodis Kavian

Hometown - Tehran, Iran

Before Flywheel - I worked for Real Pilates for 2 years before setting up my own Yoga Business, Find New You which provides both group and private classes.

In Class - People can expect many things from my class depending on their needs. For some it will be to cool down the burn after their Flywheel class; some will come to improve flexibility, mobility and internal wellbeing; others will gain something spiritual too. I bring to the class over 10 years of experience in Iyengar and Hatha styles of yoga. My approach can be considered focussed but playful!

When Im not Teaching - I enjoy socialising with my fiancée and friends, including going out to the cinema and for dinner. The beach is my favourite place, but you can also find me connecting with nature outdoors, or in the local parks.

Guilty Pleasure - I am a coffee snob, and enjoy a nice cup of Nespresso with chocolate cake and I also enjoy ice-cream (but vegan)!