Instructors / Melissa Shilcock

Melissa Shilcock

HOMETOWN: Perth, Australia

BEFORE FLYWHEEL: I moved to Dubai four years ago and I’ve been spinning every Friday morning without fail ever since (yes, even after those Thursday night brunches...). My friends had never heard someone speak so enthusiastically about a spin class so I figured I’d share the joy as an instructor.

IN THE STADIUM: I’ve always loved a heavy climb and can’t resist a dance in third so you can expect lots of traveling and tap backs. When it comes to music, I’m a sucker for classic pop and anything with a particularly dirty beat or kooky melody. Ultimately I just want everyone to feel as good, and have as much fun, as I do every time I click into those pedals!

WHEN IM NOT TURNING UP THE TORQ: You’ll find me embarrassing myself on a dancefloor somewhere around the world. I love traveling but doesn’t everyone?

GUILTY PLEASURE: I’m a serious breakfast connoisseur (blame my Aussie roots) so on the weekends you’ll find me kicking back with a flat white and poached eggs somewhere around the city but preferably by the beach. Recommendations always welcome!