Instructors / Kim Blair

Kim Blair

HOMETOWN: Teesside, UK

BEFORE FLYWHEEL: I found my passion for fitness coaching 5 years ago, but also am a professional makeup artist of 7 years, and for 15 years I was singing, songwriting, recording and touring in rock and pop bands. Blessed with the opportunity to move to Dubai and coach for Warehouse Gym, Flywheel and I found each other more recently, bring on the Torq!

IN THE STADIUM: Expect an endorphin-fueled sweat party, dirty drops, outbursts of singing and anthems to get your soul screaming “I.WANT.MORE!”

WHEN IM NOT TURNING UP THE TORQ: I’m a (very cool) mum of a 2 and 8 year old, living every moment I can to inspire them, and teach them how to be healthy and happy in mind and in body.