Flywheel Leaders

Highest Total Power*

For the week of January 7 - January 13

1Bryony TGld & Dmd Park398
2mmatarBurj Views383
3Sehhyde44Gld & Dmd Park382
4LinaBBurj Views380
5Bryony TGld & Dmd Park380
6Sehhyde44Gld & Dmd Park380
7Ems MacGld & Dmd Park379
8Bryony TGld & Dmd Park378
9SnixGld & Dmd Park376
10Sehhyde44Gld & Dmd Park374
1MorgGld & Dmd Park515
2MaverickBurj Views479
3jphillipsGld & Dmd Park476
4buzzGld & Dmd Park462
5O'ConnellBurj Views455
6Matty G Gld & Dmd Park454
7Hewdog81Gld & Dmd Park433
8St3f88Gld & Dmd Park430
9MaverickBurj Views424
10ManowarBurj Views424
* Results based on 45 minute class data only.