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This is about you. Your experience. Your sweat. Your performance. And to make it count, Flywheel is equipped with technology that sets a new standard for indoor cycling.

Your bike is custom-made. Not only do you set the positions that fit your body and comfort levels, but you are the master of your "tech-pack". Each bike has a tech-pack, a small computer that displays your resistance (we call it "Torq"), your speed (RPM's) and your Power output (current and cumulative for the class). This allows you to know how you're performing at all times, when you're exceeding targets, and when you need to push harder.

Every Flywheel studio features two Torqboards - large screens that display leaderboards a few times during each class. So if you're at all competitive, you may opt in to participate in our Torqboards and find out how you rank against other riders.

For every ride you take, we capture a list of performance metrics that we post in your private account on our website. It's real data in real time. Which means, as soon as class is over, you can log on and see your stats, like how fast and how strong you rode, along with how this compares to your previous rides and how you rank against other riders. You'll see metrics for RPM's, Torq, Speed, Power, Distance and even Calories Burned. This allows you to set your own goals and measure your performance over time.

So fix your eyes on the road and go for broke. And we'll let you know how you did.

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