Flywheel Leaders

Highest Total Power*

For the week of August 19 - August 25

1Day_tonaGld & Dmd Park388
2WhosCliffGld & Dmd Park385
3WhosCliffGld & Dmd Park379
4Ems MacGld & Dmd Park371
5ByefeliciaGld & Dmd Park369
6ByefeliciaGld & Dmd Park368
7mmatarBurj Views366
8ByefeliciaGld & Dmd Park364
9JessicaGBurj Views357
10B-ryGld & Dmd Park355
1MorgGld & Dmd Park511
2MorgGld & Dmd Park504
3TOM-DXBGld & Dmd Park487
4TOM-DXBGld & Dmd Park482
5TOM-DXBGld & Dmd Park469
6LukeayBurj Views462
7chrisfGld & Dmd Park457
8JEDDABurj Views449
9JimJimGld & Dmd Park441
10TweedBurj Views424
* Results based on 45 minute class data only.