Flywheel Leaders

Highest Total Power*

For the week of December 3 - December 9

1Bryony TGld & Dmd Park440
2Bryony TGld & Dmd Park397
3AlliHGld & Dmd Park391
4AlliHGld & Dmd Park389
5FrankieKruBurj Views381
6FrankieKruBurj Views381
7mmatarGld & Dmd Park371
8mmatarBurj Views370
9FrankieKruBurj Views366
10SnixGld & Dmd Park366
1MorgGld & Dmd Park547
2SWHBurj Views481
3MorgBurj Views479
4IcemanGld & Dmd Park467
5DLMGld & Dmd Park462
6PhilipO'RGld & Dmd Park461
7buzzGld & Dmd Park453
8peterpan Burj Views426
9AlexisGld & Dmd Park420
10Capt KirkGld & Dmd Park420
* Results based on 45 minute class data only.